CrossFit Information

CrossFit and Antony are a match made in heaven. When Antony learnt about CrossFit, it was like discovering an old friend. Antony had already been advocating and training people in various forms of training and found that CrossFit had organized the different aspects of fitness into "the sport of fitness".


When you come to see Antony about your Crossfit-related issues, you can be sure that Antony understands why you do what you do. He won't hold you back unless you really need to. Quite simply, he "gets it".


Because Antony works from Crossfit boxes (gyms), all the necessary equipment is there for you to demonstrate any issues you have with any Crossfit movement. 


Antony is able to work with your coach to provide you with the right advice that fits in with your training goals and abilities. Antony is not there to be your coach, he is there to help your coach get the best out of you!


Most CrossFitters who have had an assessment with Antony say it is one of the most unique experiences they have ever had with a physiotherapist and nothing like what they were expecting.


Whether it is pain, mobility restriction, technique problem, plateaued performance or you simply want to improve, then Antony can help you achieve those goals.


Book now or contact Antony on 0410 440 506 to see if he can help you (easiest is SMS - Antony will call you when he is not treating patients).