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Antony has been trained in a particular way to provide you with a high quality service, no matter what the problem. He has been trained in:

  • Sacro-Iliac Joint (Pelvis) and Thorax (Ribs) Assessment and Treatment - Antony uses gentle and safe techniques to effectively treat this area having been taught by some of the world's leading Physiotherapists in pelvic-girdle pain and Thoracic Cage Pain.
  • Ante and Post Natal Treatment - Antony uses gentle techniques that are safe for you and your baby. We have an excellent working relationship with the obstetricians in our area. 
  • Headaches - Headaches are complicated conditions with many contributing factors. The first step is to diganose what classification your headache falls into and then how best to treat it. Antony utilises many different approaches from manual therapy, exercise, relaxation and guided self-imagery to assist in your headache problems.
  • Acupuncture / Dry Needling - Antony has been taught by Andrew Hutton to use a gentle combination of Eastern and Western needling techniques to help release Trigger Points, relax overactive muscles, stimulate healing, and decrease pain.
  • Crossfit Physiotherapy - Crossfit is an excellent way to develop a well-rounded combination of fitness and strength. As an active participant in Crossfit, Antony understands what each athlete goes through - from the beginner to the elite competitor. Ask Antony about any questions you have about this up and coming movement - The Sport of Fitness!
  • Golf Physiotherapy - Antony has completed the PGA-approved course run by their golf consultant - the late Ramsay McMaster. Having been an A/B Grade player, Antony is well positioned to help you achieve your goals and lower your handicap. he has helped a number of local golfers prepare for their club championships...and win!
  • Netball Physiotherapy - Antony has helped many local and representative Netballers as well as supporting the Connells Point Netball Club. If you have an injury or want to improve your game, just ask Antony how.
  • Rugby League and Union Physiotherapy - Antony has treated and provided assistance for the Penshurst RSL Rugby League teams and the Oatley Rugby Union sides. He has treated elite footballers from all codes and can assist in your rehab and improve your performance.
  • Pilates / Exercise Programmes - Antony set up and ran small group, individualised classes with Lana Ceic and they continue to run 5 years later. If you already attend somewhere else, Antony can write Pilates, home-based and gym-based programmes that your instructor can follow. Antony can also liase with your exercise instructor so they understand what your diagnosis is and how we intend to help you recover.


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