How To Book



Key Points:

Bookings are made by calling 9586 4696 for Oatley West or via the Online Diary for Sydney Sports Therapy

  • Antony will be working from Sydney Sports Therapy in Oatley West from Monday to Friday. Please call reception for bookings.
  • You are able to book for any time available in the diary and as many appointments as you would like to make
  • <<The link for the online diary is here >>
  • If you are a new patient, you will be required to create a new account via the online diary to book
  • If you have seen Antony before, you still may need to create an online account again because it will be a new system.


Payment is required at the time of each appointment

  • For Oatley, you pay at the counter after your appointment. HICAPS is available for immediate claiming.
  • For Kogarah Bay, you will be asked to pay for the appointment during the booking process.
    • The payment gateway is operated by Ezidebit - it is secure and I DO NOT store any credit card information.
  • All appointments are subject to the Cancellation Policy.
  • You may change your appointment without penalty at any time *before* the cancellation period of 24 hours prior to your appointment.
  • You may change your appointment within the Cancellation period but cancellation fees may still apply.
  • If you do not need your appointment and cancel with more than 24 hours notice, your funds will either be credited to your account with us (you can book again in the future without needing to pay) or we can refund you the money to the account you paid from.


How long should you book for?

  • New patients require 1hr appointments to begin. It takes time to understand your history, examine you thoroughly, forumlate a plan and provide treatment. This is my preference for your first visit.
    •  Simple, very recent injuries to one area can usually be seen in 30mins, or you have seen Antony before but have a new problem
    • For those travelling from afar, 90mins may be a better option
  • Subsequent visits can be for 30mins (the usual time), 60mins or 90mins (for those with complex problems or who travel from long distances to see Antony).
  • Antony does NOT book treatments for less than 30mins. This is to ensure a quality treatment experience for you.
  • Antony does NOT see more than one patient at a time - your whole booking time will be devoted to your care.


Discussions with Antony

  • Antony is happy to discuss your case with you to find out if an appointment would be suitable for you.
  • However, he requests that you please SMS or email him your questions as he will not take you calls when working with other patients
  • If you wish to speak to Antony, please be advised that it may not be until late at night. Conversations about your case will only need to be about 5 mins long to ascertain if Antony can help you or not.
  • If Antony is on the gym floor and NOT with a patient, please feel free to ask him questions



  • The main Physiotherapy rooms are upstairs at Oatley West
  • Kogarah Bay rooms are at ground level.
  • The stairs are wide enough to bring a pram upstairs - let me know if you need help and I can help you up the stairs.
  • Wheelchair bound patients and those unable to climb stairs should let me know - we are able to make other arrangements to see you at Kogarah Bay.


Rebooking and Claiming Online

  • HICAPS and Credit Card/EFTPOS facilities are available at Oatley West
  • Claiming online is possible with the receipt that is emailed to you if you see Antony at Kogarah Bay.

Days and Times

  • Oatley West:
    • Monday 1pm to 8pm
    • Tuesday 1pm to 5pm
    • Wednesday 1pm to 8pm
    • Thursday 1pm to 4.30pm
    • Friday 9.30am to 3pm
  • Kogarah Bay - By special appointment only. I will be devoting most of my time working from Sydney Sports Therapy
  • Price - it is all about the quality I provide...I aim to get you better ASAP (preferably in 1-3 sessions only). It is $198 for the initial 1hr assessment and $99/30mins for subsequent sessions. There is a discounted $267/90mins rate suggested for patients traveling from outside of Sydney or for those with more than one area to work on.
  • Public Holidays, Weekends and Out-of-Hours appointments are at $400/hr including travel time. By appointment only - please call me on 0410 440 506 if you would like to book one.