Get the most from your Massage Therapy

MassageTherapy ...imagine your stress, worries and aches being eased away...

...imagine feeling relaxed, energized and simply feeling good.

If you are interested in finding out how to get the most out of your massage, then book an appointment with Antony - he can identify your problem areas and direct your massage therapist with specific instructions on how to help your main problems...which will help to clear up your symptoms!

Some common examples of why advice from Antony can enhance your massage therapy and get you the best value for your time and money:

1. You regularly get massages because you get "sore" or "tight" shoulders. But within hours or days, it feels like you need another massage. The problem is probably that your shoulder muscles are 'overactive" because of a different problem. Antony can locate that problem area which will mean that those shoulder muscles can then relax and begin to heal and "go back to normal".

2. You feel like you have "tight hip flexors" all the time. No matter how much stretching or rolling on a foam roller or massage you get, it doesn't seem to get better. Most of the time, you don't actually have truly tight hip is just that they feel tight! Locating the reason why the feel tight is tricky but once the reason is found, you will feel the results immediately.

3. Your massage therapist has been pounding away at your ITBs for some time now. They are always "tight" and "sore" but no matter what your massage therapist does, they won't loosen up. There are many possible reasons why they won't improve but that is what a good physiotherapy assessment from Antony can achieve. Once the reasons are found, you will find that they won't need so much work.

As a general rule of thumb, if you need to massage a muscle for more than 2 minutes to get results, then it isn't the main problem. Find the main problem first and then the muscles will respond much faster!